Pinarello Paris

Rather reprehensibly, I’ve started lusting after a new bike.  At the moment I’m still riding my old Colnago Master Olympic with Shimano 600 parts and Mavic wheels (which I bought second hand around 7 years ago), and I get along very well.  But the occasional “steel is real” comment from self-styled aficionados is sounding less and less convincing.  To tell the truth I suppose I don’t really need it; as I say, I get along fairly well with my old work-horse, and god knows I don’t have the funds for such an investment.  But it is a thing of beauty…I feel my legs twitching just looking at it, and the reviews online (“It flies up hills by itself!”) excite me rather unhealthily.  I was in Italy a few weeks ago, for about two weeks, and went riding most days; there are a lot more cyclists there than here in Vienna, and the range of covetable bikes on display was most distressing.  It is, of course, probably entirely psychological—when reviewers enthuse that they immediately feel the response when they get out of the saddle going uphill, I seem to remember that my old Colnago drags me back like a child clutching onto its father’s leg…Anyway, if anyone out there feels like donating towards its acquisition, feel free to do so.


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