Italy May ’08

A few pictures from my trip to Italy a few weeks ago. It was my cousin’s wedding, so we all congregated down there for the weekend, and I stayed a little longer to do some cycling. To the left is the town where my grandmother lives, taken from a terrace up on one side of her house. Apparently the old Roman road led up through the village on this side of the valley; near the church there’s a small, semi-excavated set of rather unimpressive ruins of some old Roman edifice. There was a good deal of excitement (I’m told) when they discovered it, and energy was put into unearthing the remains. Either because they turned out not to be that Continue reading


New Year’s in Vienna

I started my New Year’s Eve perambulation by going around the corner to Dad’s flat and saying hello to everyone—some friends from Italy with their children are visiting. Then I got the materials for dinner ready and headed down to Mom’s to make dinner. When I were in Berlin last week, I rather liked the fennel risotto that Alex made, so I used their website and downloaded the recipe, and tried it out for myself. Very good.

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A Sicilian Christmas in Berlin

Here are some notes from Christmas Day.

Woke up around 8, had breakfast of pandoro and cafe-latte. Around 9:30 we opened presents and spoke to family. Then Lidia was put to bed and I went for a walk around the neighbourhood. A number of restaurants were open and had customers; a few churches I passed had some visitors looking around curiously; and saw the Lucifer Travel Agency (advertised as ‘Devilishly Good!’). I came back about 12:00 and rested a while; ate a few of Robin’s home-made cookies and prepared for lunch. Continue reading

Christmas Eve in Berlin

Brandenburger Tor.

We took a walk around the Regierungsviertel, starting from the Hauptbahnhof and walking past the Reichstag (above) and across to Parisierplatz by the Brandenburger Tor. Had lunch at a little Italian place near Potsdamerplatz and then walked down the Wilhelmstrasse. As on previous days, I was amazed at the number of bullet pock-marks that scar a lot of the buildings; some have been plastered over, but the Continue reading


A few more pics from Berlin; I’ll write it up later.

Lidia surfing on my suitcase; Scout sniffing Lidia’s hair. For some reason Lidia really liked my suitcase; whenever I returned to our room, she marched after me and climbed onto the suitcase, either standing on it Continue reading


My niece Lidia. She must be one of the cutest creatures I’ve ever seen. This was on her first birthday; my brother and his wife came down to Vienna and we celebrated together. Here‘s my brother’s site for more pics of them and some recipes.  He’s an excellent photographer and there are a number of good pictures there.