Shiratamako, Sunsets, and Storms

Last week I went to a friend’s flat (the one I met at the opera a couple months ago), and made shiratamako—little green mochi balls with macha ice cream and anko. Quite fantastic, and surprisingly easy to make—there’s a crusty sort of white powder, to which one adds some macha tea and a small quantity of water, all of which is then mashed into a thick paste—the density of an ear-lobe is the suggested rule of thumb. Then small quantities, roughly the size of a large marble, are rolled into spheres and boiled for two or three minutes. Run them under the cold water, and there they are!

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Pinarello Paris

Rather reprehensibly, I’ve started lusting after a new bike.  At the moment I’m still riding my old Colnago Master Olympic with Shimano 600 parts and Mavic wheels (which I bought second hand around 7 years ago), and I get along very well.  But the occasional “steel is real” comment from self-styled aficionados is sounding less and less convincing.  To tell the truth I suppose I don’t really need it; as I say, I get along fairly well with my old work-horse, and god knows I don’t have the funds for such an investment.  But it is a thing of beauty…I feel my legs twitching just looking at it, and the reviews online (“It flies up hills by itself!”) excite me rather unhealthily.  Continue reading

Well well, here we are

I’ve finally gotten around to opening this blog, and I imagine that I’ll eventually get around to putting some stuff on it…Going to Die Walkure tomorrow, so I’ve settled down to watch the levine/met dvd…
I think this was at Tristan und Isolde...
I think this was at Tristan und Isolde…
I didn’t have a ticket for the premiere on Sunday, so I watched from the cafe inside the opera where they have tv screens relaying the performance. The sound quality isn’t really very good; it’s rather muffled and distant and quiet, but it’s audible nonetheless. I was surprised to learn that Wotan, during the third act, Continue reading